Thomas Berenford Chronicles

Thomas Berenford Chronicles

The series follows the exploits of Thomas Berenford as he wanders the continent of Havernoria, on a planet the geographical mirror of Earth; same land masses and mountains; same oceans, rivers, streams. Legend has it that even the blades of grass are the same.

But instead of a world ruled by politics and science, this world is ruled by magic and power. The series is inspired by classic tales of swords and sorcery, from authors such as Fritz Leiber and Robert E. Howard.

Wilder Fire

(Cover by Jon Stubbington)

Pests Come in All Shapes and Sizes.

Nothing comes easy for me. No matter where I wander, whenever I hang my sign, the inevitable femme fatale crosses my threshold and hires my services for the day.

I’m Thomas Berenford. Today, I’ll be on the hunt to rescue a wayward kid banging around with a band of weredogs. Sort of Man’s Worst Friend. Difficult, to say the least, and hardly worth the gold. Why bother?

To expose the pernicious forces behind the Grey Ruin, a fatal disease striking down the best denizens of my latest home. To untangle a web of corruption between violent thugs, greedy crimelords, malevolent mages, and a twisted old witch bearing a hot grudge. To right a few wrongs, that’s why.

Fear not, for I’ve got a skin of hooch, a few cigars, and Wilma – my tumultuous broadsword and collaborator. I should be fine. Just fine.

All in a day’s fun for an entrepreneur in the business of Pest Control.

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