The Supernatural Fantasy Thrillers

The Supernatural Fantasy Thrillers

Book One – The Crossover Test

cover design by Vanessa Maynard
cover design by Vanessa Maynard

Two brothers – one a former Army Ranger and the other a former addict. One a hero and the other a class clown.

A father who is nothing more than the memory of a legendary warrior.

An adoptive mother who knows everything, tells nothing.

 And a triumvirate of demons hell-bent on their destruction.


James and Rory have no memory of their past, not before they were picked up on a lonely Montana road by Francis Conrad, the eccentric mystic who eventually adopted them. In her care, the two young men were told of their past and the stories of their father. Or so they thought.

Twenty years later, on a trip to Montana to pay tribute to the man they hardly recall, they discover the truth about themselves, their mysterious past, and their father.

Then a cryptic message comes across the radio. “Do NOT come to Montana this year. Your lives will be in danger.” It is from their mother.

And not far behind them is a shape-shifting assassin from another dimension who wants all of them dead.

The Crossover Test – The Reviews


  • “Mr. Schwartz has a flair for the dramatic and a talent for combining science, mysticism and evil into a thrilling page turner. The book is complex and full of twists…”
  • “…a well written novel transcends genre. For a first book, this is a gem. Interesting characters and breakneck plot make this hard to put down.”
  • “Science, and Evil collide in a sweeping fashion that will engulf the mind in and imagination.”
  • “This was an imaginative and colorful book, with vivid characters and a thrill seeker’s story line.”
cover design by Vanessa Maynard

Book Two – The Crossover Brand

“You are the tip of the sword and the hand of justice.” James Conrad heard his father’s commands blast from the radio. Trouble is, his father has been dead for almost twenty years, slain by the supernatural forces of corruption known as the Censorum. To avenge his parents’ murder, James embarks on a lonely crusade to kill every last enemy agent. But his mission goes awry when he discovers the true source of those orders and the real voice on the radio.

His brother, Rory Conrad, has a different path – to become the greatest lead guitar player in the land. On the road, he meets a gorgeous groupie with a fatal secret that will get both of them killed if they do not escape from the agents of the Censorum.

The Crossover Brand takes James and Rory on a violent and bizarre road trip across the American West, where they will encounter colorful characters, mysterious magic, and deadly turns.


The Crossover Brand – The Reviews

  • “The characters and the world that Joseph has created is great. It has some great twists and turns that will have the reader turning the page to read what happens next.”
  • “This second book in Joseph’s Crossover series is just as thrilling and action-packed as his first one!”
  • 5 star rating average on Goodreads