The Crossover Void – Book Three

The Crossover Void – Book Three

The Crossover Void picks up 5 weeks after The Crossover Brand. James left Rory and Sig at the extra-dimensional gate to the Outer Realm. Rory was critically wounded and the only way to keep him alive was to drag his bloody body into the gate, where he would sit in stasis between worlds. James returns to his “normal life” in Phoenix, with Michelle, his wife, and Michael, his son. The phone rings. He picks it up. It’s his dead father on the other line, ordering James to go on another mission.

cultleadertshirt← Malcolm Sleeter, AKA Manibus, Leader of the Church of the Divine Harvest. Follow him at your own risk.


The holy relic, which appears as an earthenware ewer. Look inside. Go ahead.  →


bouveretlastsupper←  No, it’s not DaVinci, but it is the Last Supper, by Dagnan-Bouveret, 1896. The Crossover Void also has a last lupper, of sorts.



The Human Soul as a graphic organizer. Our Illustrious Cult Leader would love to get his hands on one, or more, of these.  →

James, Rory, Sig, and a special guest do a bit of forced spelunking in an old mine…


…where they will discover an underground spring, ↓ from which they will drink. Probably a bad idea.


james-weapon← Good thing James brought this.

Will Rory be able to play these extra dimensional strings…


guitar2  ← …as well as he plays this?

And without breaking a few of these?  →  guitar-strings